Introduction to Organic Chemistry
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Metabolism is not formally covered in Ouellette. The Metabolism handout, below, serves as the main reading assignment for that topic. Many of the metabolism issues have been raised in Ouellette, and the handout points to them. It also refers to one web site that is required reading for this topic. Other, related, handouts are also listed below.

The Metabolism handout has an overview of the broad ideas of metabolism. It has a major section on the nature of enzymes, and a major section introducing several key biochemical carriers (e.g., ATP, NADH, acetyl CoA). It then focuses on the citric acid cycle as our major specific biochemical pathway to analyze in detail.

Main metabolism handout (PDF). It includes two figures, a chart of glucose metabolism, and the citric acid cycle. If you just want the Figures, see the separate file below. An outline of this handout is shown below.

The above file is about 180 kB, and prints to 34 pages. The files below are fairly small, and 4 pages or less.

Figures for metabolism handout: DOC or PDF. Two large figures for main metabolism handout, above. These are
Fig 1. Main pathways of glucose metabolism.
Fig 2. Citric acid cycle.

(These two figures are included in the "Main metabolism handout", above, but are also available here as a separate file in case you want extra copies, or have trouble with the Figures in the bigger file. They are provided here both as the original Word DOC file, and as a PDF file. Because of format issues, you may find the PDF file easier to deal with. Each Fig prints to one full page.)

Glycolysis worksheet. One of the supplementary handouts referred to in the main handout.

Pathways quiz. One of the supplementary handouts referred to in the main handout.

Outline of main metabolism handout:

A. Overview
B. The "big picture" and the detail -- key conceptual points
C. Enzymes
C.1. Reading assignment
C.2. What are enzymes, and why do we use them?
C.3. Catalysts
C.4. Enzymes as catalysts -- general
C.5. Enzymes and specificity
C.6. Enzyme properties
C.7. Enzyme regulation
C.8. Enzyme classification
C.9. Loose ends
D. Energy
E. Carriers
E.1. Reading assignment
E.2. Overview
E.3. Electron carriers (H carriers)
E.4. Energy carriers
E.5. Phosphate carriers
E.6. Acetate (acyl group) carriers
E.7. Nitrogen carriers
F. Glucose metabolism -- overview
G. Citric acid cycle
G.1. Reading assignment
G.2. Overview
G.3. The pathway
G.4. The big picture
G.5. The details
G.6. Branches in the citric acid cycle
H. Oxidative phosphorylation
I. An energy budget for glucose metabolism
J. Nitrogen metabolism
K. Other handouts for this topic; homework
L. Further reading
M. Computer resources
N. Beyond this course

Download Main metabolism handout (PDF).

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