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This page provides the chapter handouts from my "Principles of Molecular Biology" course, Fall 2001. The textbook was Weaver, Molecular Biology (2nd edition, 2002). Most of these are my class handouts to accompany the Weaver chapters. For a general description of the role of these handouts, see the Syllabus - handouts section.

I have only slightly updated these materials since their original use. However, much of the information on core molecular biology remains sound, and many of these materials should still be useful to students taking basic molecular biology courses.

I have tried to provide updated information on basic textbooks and supplementary books, and on Internet resources; these are shown in other web pages at this site.

Updated information on textbooks and supplementary books. See my web page for the Syllabus.

Updated information on Internet Resources. All Internet Resources listed in the chapter handouts are listed on my page of Molecular Biology Internet Resources. When I learn of corrections to the web addresses, I update that page. I also add some new sites to that page.

The updates discussed above are generally not reflected in the chapter handout PDF files listed below. I encourage you to use my web pages noted above for my updated information on books and links.

The handouts listed below are PDF files. These PDF files lack (occasional) paste-in attachments. (The first chapter handout is also available as a web page, listed below.)

The PDF files will open in a new window.

Ch 1 handout. A brief history. (Genetics). (Also available as web page: Chapter 1.)
Ch 2. The molecular nature of genes.
Ch 3. An introduction to gene function.
Ch 6. The transcription apparatus of prokaryotes.
Ch 7-8. Operons: Fine control of prokaryotic transcription. Major shifts in prokaryotic transcription.
Ch 9. DNA-protein interactions in prokaryotes.
Ch 10-13. Eukaryotic RNA polymerases and their promoters. General transcription factors in eukaryotes. Transcription activators in eukaryotes. Chromatin structure and its effects on transcription.
Ch 17. The mechanism of translation. I. Initiation.
Ch 18. The mechanism of translation. II. Elongation and termination.
Ch 19. Ribosomes and transfer RNA.
Ch 20-21. DNA replication. I. Basic mechanism and enzymology. II. Detailed mechanism.

Supplementary handout. Ch 14-16 (Post-transcriptional modification of RNA), handout from Fall 2000.

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