Tips for success

This was written a few years ago, largely by a former student. Much of it focuses on the special issues associated with taking the summer Chem 119 class at Contra Costa College (Introductory Chemistry), which is about three times faster than the regular semester. Nevertheless, the general ideas hold in any case. Comments welcome!

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Some students in Chem 119 are taking their first college-level course (and some may be taking their first in a long while). Further, summer school involves an accelerated pace (about three times that of the regular school year), and it's even worse at CCC, with its belief in long weekends. Thus it is worthwhile to think about the level of commitment that is required, and some other suggestions for success.

Time commitment

Prepare for class.

Prepare for lab.

Do problems

Focus on ideas

Be an active participant in class.

Learn from feedback

In general... make a commitment to succeed, and then do what is needed. If you feel overwhelmed, remember to cross one new hurdle at a time -- and recall all the hurdles you have already crossed.

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