Symyx Draw - An Introductory Guide

I have withdrawn this page.

The program Symyx Draw was introduced several years ago, as a successor to the excellent program ISIS/Draw. I started a guide for Symyx Draw, modeled after my guide for ISIS/Draw. However, I never really finished it, for various reasons.

Symyx Draw has changed hands, and I haven't kept up. So I choose to withdraw my incomplete guide.

My current program of choice for drawing chemical structures is ChemSketch. See my guide for that program. The guide to ISIS/Draw is still available. See the links in the navigation bar to find them. (But none of those pages link here anymore.)

If you really want that old page, you can probably find it at the Internet Archive (look for a version from 2013), or you can even e-mail me for it.

If you know of a good guide to this program and its successors, let me know, and I will be happy to list it.

If you want to build on the old page I started, you have my permission to do so. Please include a statement acknowledging the source. If you want me to list your guide here, let me know.

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Last update: June 29, 2016