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Musings is an informal newsletter mainly highlighting recent science. It is intended as both fun and instructive. Items are posted a few times each week. See the Introduction, listed at the top, for more information.

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To sign up for weekly Musings e-mail announcements, send a blank e-mail to:
(Both the subject line and the message body can be blank.)

You will receive an e-mail message asking you to confirm the subscription. I encourage you to use the e-mail option for confirmation; it seems to be smoothest.

Updated June 30, 2016. The list has been migrated to the new system. The procedure above is for that new system. If you have trouble subscribing, please e-mail me privately; see the contact info at the top or bottom of this page. I can add you manually.

Added July 5, 2016. E-mail confirmation problem... One e-mail system sends the confirmation to the wrong address. If your attempt to confirm doesn't yield a response within a few minutes, check the message you sent, and see what address it was sent to. The correct address is

What happens is that the +subconfirm part gets left out. I don't know why. I suspect it is a general problem between that e-mail system and Google Groups, so beware.

How the e-mail list works...

The primary use is a short weekly announcement of what was posted in the previous week. This is most commonly sent on Wednesdays. (Day of sending is occasionally off, for holidays or just personal reasons; occasionally we skip a weekly e-mail, especially around the end-of-year holidays.)

Use of the list beyond that is open. The list is "moderated": any items sent to the list, whether replies or new, go to the list-owner.

I am happy to receive comments, and will try to use serious comments. You can send me things by regular e-mail; see Contact information (top or bottom of this page). The traffic on this list will be kept low; if it seems useful to distribute many comments by e-mail, we can, at some point, make a separate list for that.

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