Evening chemistry classes, San Francisco Bay Area
      (Including East Bay and South Bay, e.g., Oakland/Berkeley and Los Altos areas)

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People ask about the availability of chemistry classes in the area, especially at night, and especially for organic chem. Here is what I know. Please check details with the schools, and please let me know if you learn of others.

Caution: If you are looking for a chem class that includes a lab, try to make sure that the "lab" and "lecture" are integrated. In some ways, chem is fundamentally a lab science, and one might even suggest that the best place to teach most of it is in the lab. Good instructors integrate lab and lecture. In the worst cases, you can end up with lab and lecture courses that are entirely separate, taught by different instructors, with no integration. Beware.

Organic Chemistry

The only Bay Area colleges that I know offer evening classes for regular university level organic chem are the following:

Laney College, Oakland (at Lake Merritt BART). The course is Chem 12A (first semester) and 12B (second semester). For their schedule information: https://www.peralta.edu/admissions/schedule-catalog. Note that this page is for the group of colleges in the Peralta district. So far as I know, only Laney has the organic course at night.

City College of San Francisco (CCSF, at Balboa Park BART). The course is Chem 208A (first semester) and 208B (second semester). Important: CCSF offers two levels of organic chemistry; be sure to check that 208 is appropriate for your needs. For their schedule information: https://www.ccsf.edu/academics/class-schedule.

Foothill College in Los Altos. The course is Chem 12 -- A, B and C, since they are on the quarter system. For their schedule information: https://foothill.edu/schedule/.

* These courses may be popular and fill early.
* Please verify all information with the schools. Course schedules change, especially from term to term.
* If you learn of other options, please let me know. (I have not made an exhaustive search, but these are the ones I hear about.)


In general, lower division courses are widely available at many community colleges. Evening sections are common. Check with any community colleges that are convenient for you.

For a list of all San Francisco Bay Area Colleges and Universities (includes community colleges, Cal State and UC campuses, and private colleges): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Universities_and_colleges_in_the_San_Francisco_Bay_Area.

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